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Universal US-1 Adhesive Sprayer Cleaning Instructions

  1. Clean the US-1 sprayer every time you move it from one place to another. Never transport it with adhesive in the pressurized canister.
  2. To clean, remove the spray tip, and empy the canister of adhesive, pumping it back into the original bucket. Reseal the bucket so adhesive can be reused later.
  3. Open the pressure relief valve on the canister. When the pressure is released, open the canister lid and pour in at least 2 gallons of tap water. Add 8 ounces of AAT 1905 Universal Cleaner to the water, and stir the solution with a long-handled natural bristle brush for about five minutes.
  4. Replace the lid and return pressure to the canister to approximately 40 psi. Open the hose valve and spray the cleaning solution through the hose and wand. When the canister is empty, release the pressure. Rinse the canister a second time with clean tap water. After the pressure is released, open the canister and wipe the inside with a clean cloth to remove all soap and water residue.
  5. Clean the US-1 Sprayer whenever you switch from AAT-299 or AAT-372 to AAT-332 or AAT-677 adhesive, and vice versa. When switching from AAT-332 to AAT -677 (or back), cleaning is not necessary as with AAT-299 to AAT-372.
  6. Daily cleaning of the US-1 is only necessary when the adhesive is changed. If the job last overnight (or up to a 72-hour period, but not longer), simply lower the canister pressure to 10 psi and leave the adhesive in the unit. The adhesive will not dry, skin over, or destabilize. Never leave adhesive in the Sprayer without at least 10 psi of pressure in the tank.